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In 2012 we started out at a fruit stand in Hobe FL, (if you want to read a bit more about our history, the TC Palm sums it up pretty great in this article). Back then we were frying up only tortilla chips and testing them out with what would become our 7 ingredient secret spice mix. Since we started, we knew they were destined to become Florida’ best snack. Not only did they start gracing the shelves of the biggest grocery stores, we now ship all across the country! However, we thought “why stop there? So we started brainstorming. If our chips are already the best, why not create the best salsa to go with it? That how our salsa line was born. Fast forward to today with similar experimenting and brainstorming and we now have over 130 products.


Old Florida Gourmet Products, inc. makes sure to only source the best all-natural ingredients for the products you eat. We mix and match flavor profiles until we end up with the greatest-tasting product of its kind. They already make the best snack on their own, but they can also enhance other foods you have and even make an amazing meal. Our sole purpose as a company is to provide uniquely flavored tortilla chips, seasonings, salsas, and more.

What Other Kinds Of Foods Do We Offer?

So we’ve established that our spiced tortilla chips make the best snack. However, we are now known for way more. Lets take a look at the other kinds of foods we offer.


Our salsas combine the perfect blend of spices, vegetables, and even fruits to create our unique signature “Old Florida” flavors. Some of our more recent flavors take a bold direction and use bolder more out-of-the-ordinary ingredients like bacon and even blue crab. They’re the perfect dips to enhance your snacking experience they’re a home run at parties. If you want to get creative, you can even with them to make your recipes easier and tastier than ever! (We might even give you a few suggestions in a future post.) Grab yours today!

Jams & Butters

Don’t think we forgot to flavor up your mornings (or your midnight snacks) We now offer jams and butters for those with a sweet tooth. Our jams include red raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and more. We also offer our FROG jam (no frogs included). Our apple butter is the only one we have for now, it’s a hit, and you’ll love it any time of the day. We make them sweet yet all-natural so you can snack guilt-free! Put them on toast, pancakes, or even your favorite desert!

Cheese Dip

Our 3 cheese dips are:

        • Cantina Queso: The Cantina Queso has our spicy seasoning mix and is ready to kick your party up several notches (or to make your dinner tastier and easier).
        • Gourmet Cheddar Dip: Our cheddar dip is mild on heat, and wild on flavor! Perfect for veggies, as a base for party dips, or paired with our equally gourmet chips to make the ultimate snack.
        • Queso Blanco: Our recipe starts with the amazing flavor of real white cheddar cheese and our own special blend of spices and seasonings that will have you coming back for more. Mild spiciness.

If you feel any (or all) of these cheese dips calling your name, order some now!

Pickled Items & Relish

Our pickled foods and relishes deliver the perfect tangy bite and are packed with flavor. Great for dips, hot dogs, and more. The only limit here is your imagination! Find your favorite today.

Dressings & Sauces

Want to turn the flavor up to 11, but keep your plate healthy? Look no further than our dressings to boost your salads, sandwiches, and wraps. We also offer sauces like our peach bourbon bbq that make for the perfect grill out (but also great to just take your snacks to the next level.) See which will be the first to call your fridge home today.

Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Our chips may have started it all, but they aren’t our only delicious snack with a crunch! As if perfectly fried quality potato chips weren’t enough, we take them to the next level with our unparalleled seasonings! Choose from:

The good news is that they all make the perfect snack, so there’ no wrong answer. So take your pick today!


You don’t have to swing by a movie theater for the perfect popcorn crunch. In fact, we’d argue popcorn flavored with our signature “Old Florida” seasoning is far superior to any popcorn you’d find at a movie theater (or anywhere really). At the moment, we only offer our irresistible Sweet N’ Salty flavor, but with how quickly it’s selling, keep an eye out for more flavors. For now, get your Sweet N’ Salty popcorn before it sells out (again).


Speaking of seasoning, you’ll be happy to know that your craving for our signature spices isn’t limited to our amazing chips. We sell our seasoning by itself. That means that you can get that unmistakable Old Florida flavor on anything you want. (Even our chips if you just want an even bigger flavor boost. We won’t take offense!) So shop now and spice up your life today!

Find Your Favorite Old Florida Flavor

We at Old Florida Gourmet Products Inc strive to create the best-tasting and all-natural snacks and seasonings on the market. From our famous spiced tortilla chips to our unique salsas, jams, cheese dips, pickled items, dressings, sauces, kettle-cooked potato chips, popcorn, and seasonings, there truly is something for everyone. We’re committed to using only the best ingredients and experimenting with flavor profiles to bring you the greatest-tasting products of their kind. So, if you’re looking for a snack that packs a punch with bold flavors and all-natural ingredients, visit our site today! And, if you’re looking to elevate your meals, try their dressings, sauces, and seasonings. You won’t be disappointed.

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